Libraries for Linrad-04.05 and older under Windows.
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(June 13 2015)

Standard locations.

From start until and including Linrad-04.05 Linrad would look for dll files in the PATH, in the currently logged directory and in the system directory {sys} which is C:\WINNT\System32 under Windows 98 and Windows 2000 and C:\Windows\System32 under Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

I have been informed that Microsoft will probably take control over the system directory and possibly even delete files from there. That is why everything has to be stored in C:\Linrad\dll\ starting with version Linrad-04-06.

Installing libraries and binaries in standard locations for old Linrad.

Easiest is to download and execute the installer setup-linrad-dll-package-05.exe (1115176 bytes) It will place inpout32.dll, libusb0.dll, libusb-1.0.dll, mirisdr.dll, palir-01.dll, palir-02.dll, palir-03.dll, and rtlsdr.dll in your {sys} directory. Here is info about dll files Source code and how to generate dll files and static libraries from source code as well as the source code for the compiler.

This older version will be OK for Linrad versions up to Linrad-03.21: setup-linrad-dll-package-01.exe (614050 bytes)
In case there are compatibility problems with the latest set of dll files, here are the older installers:
setup-linrad-dll-package-02.exe (690056 bytes)
setup-linrad-dll-package-03.exe (804985 bytes)
In case you want to use the Perseus HF receiver you must also have perseususb.dll in the path with the Perseus .sbs firmware files in the same directory as perseususb.dll. See below.

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