SM 5 BSZ - Modifications to the FT 221
(April 10 2002)

SM 5 BSZ - Dynamic Range of 2 m Transceivers Part 4: Modifications to the FT 221

Published in VHF communications Nr 2 1982.
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A comparism of values measured on wellknown commercial 2 m transceivers was given in part 1 (VHF COMMUNICATIONS 1/82) of this series of articles. Part 2, also in edition 1/82, gave a number of modifications to the TS 700, where part 3 (edition 2/82) gave modifications to the IC211 and IC245. The following part 4 will show how the FT 221 can be improved with respect to its dynamic range.

With respect to its noise sidebands, the FT 221 is one of the better stations even before modification. However, a few additional modifications can improve it considerably. The three stations given in Figure 1 were used for experiments and lead to the described modifications.

Both the FT 221 and FT 225 can be equipped with a high-performance front-end board manufactured in the UK by Mutek. However, the high dynamic range of the Mutek board can only be utilized to the full if the VCO is modified.

Mutek specifies that an interfering signal at 144.300 MHz can be 115 dB over noise before an S9 sianal at 144.400 MHz is dearaded by 3 dB due to desensitization. This specification is hardly of interest, since a weak signal will be well in the noise due to the unwanted conversion with the noise sidebands of the VCO.

In its original state, the noise sidebands of the VCO are at - 90 dB. With an input signal of 115 dB above noise, the effective noise figure will be increased by 25 dB. This means that the same performance of adding the Mutek frontend could be obtained by inserting a 20 dB attenuator between antenna and receiver !

The two-tone dynamic range is more important (see the previous article). This is usually dependent on the purity of the local oscillator signal, or on the large-signal characteristics of the front-end. Little is achieved by improving the wrong circuit.

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